Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Windows Update screen changed appearance (to Win10 only) Problems How to Get rid of

Questions:In various posts on Microsoft forcing us towards Win10 upgrade, I couldn’t find anyone describing the actual harm KB2952664 is doing to the system. Is just that people are being annoyed with something being installed, but they don’t exactly know what it is doing? Or people experience system being much slower? Or something else?

I’ll try to describe my problem linked to Win10 push by MS.

After installing a number of updates that accumulated over past six or so weeks, my Windows Update screen (Windows 7) changed appearance. That Windows Update screen used to show available updates – important and optional. You would then click on a link that would show the whole listing of available updates. You would be able to select KBs that you want, OK it, and when back into Windows Update screen, run/execute whatever KBs you selected in the previous screen.

With recent KB installs, that Windows Update screen doesn’t show any more available updates – important and optional. Instead, in that space it says “Upgrade to Windows 10”. Where button to install updates used to be, now there is button that says “Get started”, indicating that you would start upgrade to Win10.

Under that box, there is a link that says “Show all available updates”. When I click on it, I do get familiar screen, with all available (Win7) updates. If I select any of those updates and go back to initial Windows Update screen, I see again “Upgrade to Windows 10” and not what used to be (from memory): e.g. “ 12 important updates selected, install” or something like that.

So, my problem is that it seems that I lost ability to continue with Win7 updates. Unless, that new button “Get started” will actually execute selected Win7 KBs and not take me to Win10. I can’t take that risk and press the button.

BTW, I restored my PC to the point prior to executing those recent KBs, but problem described above still exists!

I also uninstalled KB3035583, KB3021917, KB2990214 and KB3022345. As a result, I lost white Win10 icon on task bar.

Needless to say that I tried to uninstall KB2952664, but as soon as I remove it, it installs back by itself (prior to reset; as a matter of fact, I can’t shut down PC straight after removing KB2952664, since it’s busy putting the same KB back on).

So, has anyone experienced new appearance of Windows Update window, that seems to indicate that my PC is in a state of "no return" and only option is to go Win10? Would this be linked to KB2952664?

many thanks

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